Networking pointers

Nowadays, you need to be able to network…it’s not sufficient to just do your job and do it well. Well sometimes it is. The market commands more, insights, the latest news, who is doing what, so you have to keep your finger on the pulse. Today I caught up with an old connection from days gone by….at least a decade has passed since we last spoke. Nothing has changed that much, but we both find ourselves in a role that commands more than just the delivery of service.

A few pointers on how to network effectively from my perspective;

1) Research – know what you’re going to talk about before you turn up and network. It sounds simple, but be prepared. Do your homework.

2) Be prepared to offer something for nothing – don’t be overly transactional when it comes to your network. Be a good middle man or woman and don’t expect reciprocation straight away.

3) Be memorable – have something unique about you or what you do that’s going to set you aside from others who network.

4) Don’t be shy – tell people what you think, tell them about the good, the bad and the ugly. People appreciate honesty, especially in a QS.

5) Take notes – whether you take notes then and there or afterwards, make sure you jot down the key points.

6) Follow up – think of tangible follow up and always keep your promises.

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