Out with the new

The traditional skillset of the Quantity Surveyor is disappearing rapidly…but what can we do to stop this? This brief article looks at the key areas of focus that need to be considered if we are to prevent the skills shortage turning into an out and out drought.

The university courses aren’t geared up like they used to be. Measurement isn’t the core module, now it plays a bit part as management technique is pushed. This needs to change if the profession is to protect it’s core skillset.

As design and build took over, the core skillsets of Quantity Surveyors and Designers started to wain. Traditional design and measurement isn’t always required. The modern QS doesn’t measure many bills.

Do the RICS really care? NRM2 was a valiant effort at streamlining the core deliverables of a Quantity Surveyor from start to finish. But many QS’s are of the opinion it is not as comprehensive as SMM7 and we have, in effect, gone backwards.

Lack of coordination
We no longer have coordinated project information. We have BIM, where typically cost data and the Quantity Surveying process is detached. No longer can we cross reference a drawing, with a spec reference, with an SMM7 reference.

So what are we going to do….sit back and let things get worse, or tear up the rulebook and start to change for the better?

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